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Since 1988 we develop and produce for third parties thermoformed items for the furnishing market. Thanks to our know-how and to our avant-garde structure, we are the ideal partner for those who are looking for a supplier that can carefully support their customers from the conception, to the development, to the delivery of products, offering a high quality, complete, fast, and professional service.

Thermoforming since 1988

TERMOFORMATI DESIGN is the division dedicated to the furnishing market of TERMOFORMATI ITALIA SRL, a company specialized in thermoforming since 1988, and is the result of a long process of corporate transformation that led to the creation of a sector dedicated to support companies operating in the furniture, lighting and design market in general, who intend to create products for which it is necessary to develop and produce thermoformed components.

TERMOFORMATI ITALIA was born from the business pulse of the founder, and current president, ANDREA TEBALDI, who in 1988 decided to set up a new company to face the challenges that the clothing market offered, creating and producing thermoformed articles for this sector.
TERMOFORMATI ITALIA developed, over more than thirty years of operation, into a national and European market, with production of thermoformed accessories for underwear and swimwear, that still are produced. In 2008, TERMOFORMATI ITALIA enter a new path by deciding to use its know-how in the processing of foam materials laminated with fabrics to offer its services to a wider range of customers, so the decision was to invest important resources to increase their potential and become a thermoforming process specialist, for all the branches that would need them. The decision was successful, TERMOFORMATI ITALIA has quickly become an international point of reference for the high fashion industry, footwear, leather goods, sportswear, medical and automotive.

So it was that our passion for beautiful things, for style and design directed us, finally, to the fascinating world of furniture. We immediately fell in love with this industry but at the same time we realized that this market needed a different approach. A refined balance between craftsmanship and technology, between technical consultancy and the ability to listen to the specific needs of each customer, which has meant that TERMOFORMATI ITALIA has become a real partner for many important and famous companies in the design sector. TERMOFOMATI DESIGN was born.
Thermoforming production lines

We have different thermoforming lines in various sizes up to 3000x1500 mm, to be able to accomplish every task ensuring quality and competitiveness.

of covered

Large covered spaces allow us to guarantee a prompt service even in large quantities, a correct raw materials conservation and a well-ordered logistics.

Clients all over
the world

More than 250 customers each years all over the world choose services from TERMOFORMATI ITALIA, including some of the most famous design furniture brands of the world


We only use controlled and OEKO TEX STD100 certified raw materials for the non-presence of harmful substances, they are all coming from certified and reliable suppliers.



The difference between something good, and something great, is the attention to details


High quality, artisan care, exclusivity are the features that distinguish our products, but the professionalism, technology and completeness of service are the key words that represent our way of working and what must make us an excellence in the sector and strategic partners for the creation of successful furnishing products.


We want to achieve excellence, knowing that the history of a company is also represented by how it has achieved success. Our goal is to operate in the areas of competence in an ethical and responsible manner, valuing local resources as much as possible and respecting the environment. We are a real "family company", where the management is represented by the Tebaldi family members in the strict sense, but also where we strongly believe that our staff is the most important resource for the company and that each of the collaborators represents a member of the large TERMOFORMATI ITALIA family. For this reason we are constantly engaged in the continuous improvement of safety and health of working environments and in the training of employees and technicians


TERMOFORMATI ITALIA SRL has established and maintains a quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015.
The conformity was adduced with audit report no. I-Q-1219598.

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