Sound absorbing acoustic panels

The sound absorption technology meets the design of the shapes and the fantasy of the fabrics, creating functional and aesthetic panelings at the same time. Whether your project is dedicated to wall covering, whether it is a sound-absorbing covering for furnishing accessories or a component of a lighting system, we have high-performance and advanced solutions for your needs.

Style and performance first

The evolution of the ambients requires that some furniture components, created and designed to perform a certain task, must perform additional functions, which sometimes even become of primary importance respect to the needs for which they are created, without however giving up style and design.

Acoustic comfort, at the moment, has become a fundamental requirement to create pleasant, efficient and healthy environments. From open-space offices, to public places but also in home furnishings, it has become increasingly important to reduce the reverberation of the noises that are created inside the rooms, and this is how every surface, every object, can potentially transform itself into a component which carries out the task of sound absorption: the door of a wardrobe, a boiserie, a modular wall, a ceiling, a lamp shade

TERMOFORMATI ITALIA develops and produces specific sound-absorbing panels for every need: semi-rigid wall panels, self-supporting sound-absorbing panels, panels for furnishing accessories, for lighting systems or for ceilings. The sound-absorbing panels can be developed with soft, semi-rigid, rigid supports, even combined together. The choice of materials is made in close relationship with the customer who can choose from a wide range of products offered, or supplied by the customer himself.



Semi-rigid padding, dimensionally very stable, high sound absorption coefficients and normally fireproof. Available in different weights and thicknesses, it is the most suitable material for the realization of sound-absorbing panels that require a structure of their own such as separators for offices, boiserie, paneling for doors / doors etc etc ... The wadding panels can be applied by gluing them on rigid structures, creating them with shape only on one side and smooth on the other, or it is possible to create panels with graduated thickness, convex panels on one side and concave on the other, finally double-sided panels can be made, so convex on both sides. All these combinations can also be made in a self-supporting version.


Polyurethane foam padding is soft and elastic material, with high coefficient of sound absorption and thermal insulation, breathable, free of harmful substances, available in both very soft and high density versions, or, depending on the needs, in mixtures of various fire reaction classification. PU foam is the most suitable material for making sound-absorbing panels that must be applied on rigid self-supporting structures, or which must cover structural panels with sinuous shapes, and which could hardly be recreated in polyester wadding.



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